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Zaphod Beeblebrox - Tom Anders Hagen, Vik/Norway
Works for Norsk Virkesmåling as a network administrator, Web etc.
- Ultimate 64

- c128D,c128,2xC64, 2x1541,1x1571 diskdrives, Retro Replay, Action Replay v5 + everything needed..

Spending most his time with his wife and 4 lovely kids.
Tom started with his C64 and got early into swapping..

ELA - Eric (Leslie) Ardem, Lillehammer/Norway
Used to work for EDB 4tel, a norwegian telecom-software company. Unfortunately I've been suffering from depression and angst for 4 years and cant expect to fulltime work for a long time.
- 1700Mhz Celeron/80GBdisk/512MB RAM Barebone PC with DVD. Thats my internet-PC for mail, browsing, server stuff etc
- AMD XP2400+/80+120+160GBdisks/512MB RAM/6x DVD burner PC upgraded beyond recognition. This is used for storage, music (Terratech EXW24/96 soundcard and several midisynths attached) and GAMES!!!
-1 C64, 1 C128D (actually more but I dont know how many of them that works properly), 1541 diskdrive, 1541-II diskdrive, ActionReplay 4.2 (can't live without it), 1084 monitor (or the 28"-TV if needed).

Now plays piano and bassguitar for a church-choir
Eric started with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k (now on the shelf. Almost bought an Oric - haha!), then moved on to a C64, and last added the mentioned PC's.

SX - Sten Bredenberg, Helsinki/Finland
Works for a Nordic investment banking firm as a Controller Assistant.
Equipment: (ELA comment: this was updated about year 2000)
- 400 Mhz P2 with 15.2GB storage, 4X Burner
- 266 Mhz P2 with 17.8GB storage
- A3000/25, 660 MB storage
- C64, 1571 diskdrive

Never did any music in real life but started with the VIC-20 (which
he unfortunately sold) in the computer world before upgrading to the C64
and got more interested in coding than swapping in the late 80ies. Still
has second thoughts about own handle name (it was a quick invention) but
not group name (that was a long process... seriously).

The Edge (Mavrick) - Erik Husemoen, Norway

The Edge was a coder, but he also did a lot of nice gfx.

Xerx - Norway, moved to Eskilstuna Sweeden

Graphics + swapper

Lhynx - Finland

Coder + swapper

Lier - Norway

Coder + Graphics + swapper

Wolf - Norway


Artec - Norway

Graphics + swapper

Condor - Germany

Cracker + Coder

Johnny - Bergen, Norway

Coder + swapper

Blade - Rune Bjelland, Norway

Code + Graphics

The Metal Monster - Norway

Code + Graphics

Anyone missing from the lists, or do you want to supply with some info??

Signed ELA & Zaphod of Antimon.
updated last time - 24 Aug 2006
(ELA's bio updated September 2004)