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Coop demo with ANTIMON and SUPPLIERS The first real demo from Zaphod and ELA. Ela was then a member of Suppliers

Lhynx Style1

Demo by Lhynx of Antimon

New Intro

Intro by Lhynx

Lhynx Style2

This demo was made by Lhynx Antimon.


This demo was the first real Antimon demo, with parts by SX,Lhynx,Zaphod... Sx came up with a new fast loader with 8 sprites,scroller and music...

Infected II

With some more experience we traveled to the Horizon party in Sweden.. Parts from Wolf, Edge, Johnny, sx and The music in the last part was done by ELA/Antimon Present at the party where ELA, Zaphod, EDGE and XERX Released 1990 at the Horizon party


Zaphod and Edge travelled all the way to Bergen to release this shitty little demo. Parts are from Zaphod, EDGE, Johnny and TMM (who joined us from Force Ten) Released at the Bergen party


This is not any party demo at all, It was coded during some late nights in 1990.. A shitty intro by Mr.fantasy...And some ugly parts from EDGE, Zaphod and Johnny... Released in Lillehammer 1990 and distributed by the local post office....


Our #1 tribute to the Gathering 1996... And we won. These parts where ment to be released at the Tribute 94 party in Gothenburg.. But you all know.. It takes a lot of raster time to finish a demo in time for deadline..... :-) Parts by ELA, EDGE and Zaphod Compodemo at TG98 but we had to spread it ourselve


Coop demo with TAT, KISS and ANTIMON 1991.. After the Bergen party we had a small meeting at zaphod's place in Lillehammer, where Chicken/Kiss and a Mr. Power from TAT joined us.. This demo was never finished, but I'll try to dig out Antimon's part from a disk somewere..

Flashback II

We attended the Wild compo at the Gathering 2002.. The "demo" was made in Flash just for fun.. Should have been a bit longer, but time was too short. The demo placed 9 of 15.. C64Ever!!! I believe you need the divx codec to watch it! Why?? Blah.. Who cares
(45 MB File)


COOP demo between Antimon and Saga

Intro #1

Intro by Condor / Antimon

Intro #2

Intro by Condor / Antimon

DT music/pic rip

Demo from SX / Antimon

I'm despret

I'm Despret, Contact dem Lhynx

Music show 5

Music rip from Sx

Music show 6

Music rip from Sx

DT music/pic rip

Music & picture rip/demo from Sx