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As all of you who have been in the scene from the beginning might know, the competition of beeing the first making a new routine have been tremendous. We have to admit that it has been fun watching the demoscene and it's progress.

We want to list c64-specific code-techniques to show what really made the nice old breadbox fun to code on and why it has survived so long. To use any of the example code we expect you to understand some C64 machinecode/assembler.

A lot of the examples that can be found here are taken from C= Hacking by Craig Taylor. We have not asked the authors if we can re-publish these articles. If anyone who have written these don't like it, please contact us and we will remove it immediatly. On the other hand, if anyone of you want to supply us with examples/teories please don't hesitate to contact us!!


Opcodes (by Graham)

Register reference


Coders forum CSDB


Coders Wold disk mag

Scibax Demo Academy

An Introduction to Programming C-64 Demos by Puterman

Assembler course by Ghoul in danish

AAY64 documentation by Ninja / The Dreams to C64 / C128