The touching story of Antimon

In 1987/88 the bright guy who called himself Sx (Sten Bredenberg) who was messing around in a Finnish group called BCS decided to found a new group. - Antimon was the name he had in his mind..

I (Zaphod) was at that time a member of The Spies, and mainly took care of the swapping. I had been in the scene for quite a time and knew a lot of people worldwide and Sx was just one of my contacts. - One day he wrote me and asked if I wanted to join his "new" group as he just had finished the first Antimon demo. I thought this was ok since I had just quit The Spies due to some rumors that they where ripping routines from other groups. One of my contacts Trackbanger (also known as Xerx) wanted to join aswell.. He had a lot of contacts and did some graphics for us. Sx managed to get hold of Lhynx, he was a coder who came from the Belgian group "New Formula Crew" He was also located in Finland and got the nickname "The raster master" because he was darn good with'em!! Johnny from a group called The Falons joined the group, he was doing some coding too.

This was actually the core of Antimon for a while. Ela joined "officially".. Although I have considered he as a member from the start. He was a member of the Norwegian group The Suppliers and joined the group Cosine later.. It wasn't much activities in those groups, and I've always thought he did more work for Antimon. Ela produced a huge amount of music for Antimon. The Edge joined as a lunetic... Ops! I meant coder. He lived 300 metres away from me, and we did a lot of coding, beer drinking and gfx together. Lier joined our forces at this time too, he did graphics, swapped, and he started to code after a while.. Artec joined also to supply us with graphics.. At this time we where regularly visiting parties..

We where present at:

- Razor 1911/Abnormal/Rawhead party.
- The Suppliers/Bros/Crusaders party.
- Shape/TRC
- Horizon party 1990
- Horizon party 1991
- Science 451/Errors/Full Force in Bergen
- Hoaxers

- Tribute 94
- LCP 2005

Time went on and a lot of demos where released and new members joined:Stranger, Blade, Nappy where some of them (I can't remember that much about them sorry!!) Sx made a turbo loader for our demos which could load with sprites/scroller/rasters and music etc. on the screen. I believe Antimon was the first group which made a TURBO loader like this. The demo standard wasn't quite astonishing, but none of us cared. The problem was graphics, cause we didn't have any gfx makers nearby, and just snail mail.. Anyway we had a lot of fun doing all this.....
Later on Lhynx quit the c64 scene, altogether he had managed to produce a lot of demos and intros for us.
Condor a German cracker joined us. He cracked a lot of games under our label, how many? - - I don't know.. The contact with him was somehow not that good, due to the distance.. He made a couple of intros too. -TMM of Force Ten joined us just before the party in Bergen (Norway). Just in time to get some old parts released in our party demo. The demo participated in the contest and did quite well!!

The time went on and there was certainly less time for coding. Some of us started on higher education, jobs etc. We become more and more inactive..
Anyway Edge and I (zaphod) managed to get our asses to the Hoaxers party in Trondheim. I can't remember when it was.....Too much booze...No coding...
The last c64 party we participated was the Tribute 94 party in Sweden.. Ela, Edge and I went to this party to meet some old dudes... We brought our computers, but didn't manage to release anything... The demo parts from Tribute94 was released 2 years later at The Gathering 96 (so called party?) They had a c64 compo and we won...Not so strange since it was only two groups participating!!!

That's it...Here we are today, maintaining this Web site.. Feels kind of strange really. I sure miss the time described above and I hope we'll be able to release some stuff in the future. I'll certainly try the best I can to get my butt to a party somewhere.

Keep the COMMODORE 64 alive in the future..

Signed, Zaphod